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What is the Snaplocal Rewards program?

Snaplocal rewards is a ready to go, smartphone loyalty program for restaurants, cafes and stores that builds a digital connection to customers and rewards them to visit more often. Customers who register with the program receive points every time they visit. After multiple visits, points can be claimed for cash off or free menu items.

What are the benefits as a business?

For Snaplocal businesses, the benefits are huge. We know that an effective reward program can boost customer visits and spending by 35% or more.

The Snaplocal platform allows you to engage and reward customers to visit your business more often. You have full access to your loyalty database with the ability to engage your customers digitally. Snaplocal allows you to set your points rate and change it for different days, special events. You can also provide more points to customers who haven’t visited recently. You have control to increase visits when you want.

How does the points system work?

Customers receive points after they visit and make a purchase. The merchant configures the amount of points to provide and can offer different points rates based the day of the week, special events, or the customer engagement cycle. Customers simply register with the Snaplocal App and snap a photo of their receipt to receive points after their visit. After multiple visits, customer can redeem points for cash off or free menu items.

What are your fees?

We do not take a large commission of your sales like other systems. We charge a small monthly fee that is easily covered by the increase in visits. Contact Us to find out more.

How do member customers register their purchases to get points?

Customers register with the Snaplocal App and use it to snap photos of their receipts. A customer must snap a photo of their purchase receipt shortly after the time of purchase. The points will be credited within 2 days to allow the receipt to be checked through our system.

How do you prevent fraud?

We take fraud very seriously. First, we require all members to use their real name upon signup. Second, all receipts must be snapped within a short period of time and are checked for validity and duplication through a combination of automated and manual inspection. Third, we provide all the transaction details to merchant for audit purposes.

If a customer is found to have conducted fraudulent transactions, they can be banned from the program.

Do we need to make changes to our POS systems or procedures?

No system changes or staff training are needed to take advantage of Snaplocal rewards! Customers register their purchases directly with the Snaplocal app to get points. Customers also redeem their points for rewards directly in the app.

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